Beer temu lawak Moh temu lawakur ngo ruh ruh oro parikan pisan ke mbok ng continuously eh conveyed to men consumers we will hold a lottery for three motorbikes three three units well motorbikes don't you like the unit? Lek watermelon dragon fruit en Yes heeh lali sometimes yo ngono kui wong

Dragon fruit ya iso kewan sik Aku sik so-and-so De engko yo Heeh sik alu-alune engko heeh heeh Ee we will hold three raffle draws for three units of motorbikes up toak When is it possible that we will raffle in the month of fasting because why? If

It's the fasting month, people usually need a motorbike, choose a nelale, so the prize will be a PCX bat karo CS CS1 prize, yes, please, if you want to buy a unit at Prabu, while there is a motorbike prize draw, we also want to

Review the unit again. The unit in Prabu Motor Ponorogo's warehouse also has a 2008 petrol car. We sell it for just R2 million . From Malang, Malang, this is a brother from Malang. Coincidentally, sir, I'm looking for a review, what kind of unit is the pickup? Oh, Mr. Agus, can you help me

? I'm sorry, I'm not going to review it, oh tomorrow. Yes, what is the car? Is there a new cherry, is it still a Grandm? The color is white, the new Cherry is the same as the Grand Max. The Grand Max. it's also

White OK, it means white naluke kabeh koy kontul Prit runguaj bullshit jalukane white white lah I koy ktul koy kul important ojo nganggo anu ya Bahasae ko dad klerutul kulak uk l oh ngono tekah yo isuk Mas teko Malang just tek here I Adoh you're the most

Peh recover straight away Korea to de Heeh telung straight away go for a walk karo go for a walk l kco-kanc rame Ning Korea Wi just cutine ngene saiki siji month right off l Coincidentally I'm yo fishing Peh lah iki wis kowe I YO pas men Cameraman Ik sesok

Dientenii while evw is me, I'm reviewing, I'm not leaving the review, with the greeting, I'll meet again with Mr. Mas Arul, I 'm sorry to the only consumer who has already sold it in 2005. Let's review it again so that there's no

Misunderstanding on social media in 2011, sir, it turns out that this year, 2011, the price is R30 million or less. That's more or less R5. Heeh, because yesterday there were two units, which is why I was confused about the two units and I, while the data

Hasn't been entered into the computer data, that's why we keep saying this again and again, it's also very normal, very human, but sometimes it's bad for consumers who don't want to know. Do you know ? I want to know what you're talking about okay, follow Seora Follow Si No I haven't followed

Follow, please follow me later so I can miss the latest updates from the Prabu Motor Ponorogo troops and also we will review again. There is a tour ring, the price is quite R130 million, bro, Arul. Oh no en 129 piro 108 ikil

Mas why iso takon k 129 129 Sir tenan yo ojo until enek sing kleru yo Yes well this is enough for the price, we are selling it for just 129 million tour ring yes the year is 2010, I'm sorry, this is the arrival of another

Inova car How much is the plate P? Mas Arul, the price is around 100 or 90, so that you don't make a mistake, yes, this is definitely R, the price is enough, we will sell it for 90 million, yo, 100 jujul cilik,

Okay, bro, the important thing is to get petrol, it's barbarate mulih Banyuwangi S million isn't that easy wis temple Lah chop Yo more or lessopitipene Wow, type ngene cooking Oh ngene ngene but ojo kleru ngene ngene toketemu buffoon wis mohmoh wis your model wis apalanmu kuwi bir temu lawak voting at

The edge ora penak talking about voting in the Middle nak wis kan Kaco Lah keep coming back to this pentter car pentter opo mas LS LS year 2008 the price is enough, we are selling it for R133 million. Those who are interested, please ask for a young year car, the price is cheap,

Direction mbok tekone, I'm Aras arep, I'm talking to takono to the opo car, the op car, nah, I wong ki as if it were a cameraman dewe want Yes eleh modelmu review dewe ora ceet geliran want nyaput Come on Pak delete Come on Pakde talk what the hell Mbok

Nang S to H mandeko not deloke nah J yo Captain cd pedot Heh Jongjong pedot ka utekmu utekmu middlee pedot mean reens ora koay utekmu kok iso nah ngene-ngene II on sale ngene iki regane yo 75 rl so adi here iki dodolan motor

According to sing Eneng Neng reviewne Sir iki iki iki iki ngene-ngene iki rungeruh regane I piro 116 regane 116 R 13 Well, we are conveying this to consumers. Yes, we will be holding a big sale because we are approaching

The fasting month of Eid and so on. Later we will also have a door press for 3 motorbikes, one nmx, PCX or nmx PCX PCX PX PX PC PCX PCX and NMAX heh bit bit heeh Continue CS1 Well, we will convey it to consumers.

We want to hold a sale and there will be a bonus for three special motorbikes before the main body of the fasting month will be drawn, basically, starting from now, please, who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one. drawn, who knows, just in time for Eid,

There will be millions of Boh k tukune r motorbike prizes, wis Pokoke jenenge drawn II will be drawn online, drawn online as usual, back to the unit we want to sell, there is Senia R, yes, at that, it's automatic, the price is quite R92 million.

If you're interested, please because it's rare for automatic cars to be sold on sale. We're the only ones selling maybe AB plates, Innovas, automatic B plates, B plates, the color, Yo Wis, gray, ngene, this is usually Mbah Kiai's favorite, yes, this is it, ee the fuel

Is 2.5, which means diesel. Oh, lots of diesel, yes, quite a lot of diesel. Then you just have to choose which one has a variety of prices, then the price will vary, yes, it will vary. For petrol, like this, it will only be 170, this

Year is 2013, if not 14, then there will be more here later. Mas Agung, how about it, Mr De? Well, here we have a car from 2000, 14, we're selling it for only R15 million, yes, there's another one in 2014,

We're selling this diesel, Mas Agung, yes, we're selling this diesel Expert, no need for the expensive one, Mas Agung, R8 million ah sik didn't check sononeasah ban-ban weh matic each or sing tuku or nguya-ngguyu he piye how come he's joking around how come nephew ngono ora siji nephew ping pinduk's mercy is

2014, bro, sir, sir, this year is 2014, the price is quite 1998 million, right Ee Please inform all Pakde consumers that while there is still a big sale going on until fasting, you have to take advantage of it until Eid. only 170 million, there's

Ultimate, okay, later, tomorrow, Ultimate Ultimate, if it doesn't come out, basically 170 plates are local, okay, automatic, automatic. Well, later you can see it on TikTok, Sir, don't miss it, don't follow the prize, later there will be a great PCX PCX motorbike, it's the same opo sit CS1 CS1 he yes later

Please lock it up yes here we have two units of white toner Eneng loro iki karo kae Mas and Sir He will be ratted out Ron he will be ratcheted up there ee if it's a price issue later Ouch kabeh locked up Mas in a coma k ni

Heh still 200 in a coma Yes, yes, basically there are two, this and that, if this is 2012, this is 201, 11, yes, this plate is already local, the price will probably be around 170 to 80, because it just came in, it's down, because it just came in in the

2nd year, 11 cars are already e, young people the rims are really good, jerone yo ciami, Mas, matic to Pak Heh matic matic Oh io I he io I totik Wah wis iki wis Wah kenek dinggo Mas He, this can be used as wos material later

So you guys know that the condition is already like that. halo-halone mas snack mas halo-alone jjalan to ngesore yo kuiijaten k yo ik ora k iso wis ra is is wis is is is is is is y ora why don't you think bon

Bon bon every car has its own bonus, well, we won't polish this later yes, it's just entered Mbok patent Maui up pol Hey, how come you've lost money, en police enek police iki l w yes, this is up, then there will be millions

Of people interested, please go ahead while there are still prices under 200, because what's next, if it's tomorrow, God willing, if you want to get to this section, lots of people will be looking for it. There's a lot of people chasing them, bro, Ben rims, knock it, Ngono,

So consumers understand, Lek, the rims are great, Ngono, you understand, Ngono, you know, the price is quite R0 million.
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